Auction Agent Services

Do you need expert, unbiased Auction Representation when selling or making coin purchases?

If you are buying any coins at auction, you should know these facts:

  1. 1. At some auctions, a substantial number of coins belong to the auction company itself.
  2. 2. Many coins have reserves and the auction company only makes a profit if they meet reserve and these coins actually sell.
  3. 3. Bidding too early on the Internet can "show your hand".
  4. 4. Reliance on live online bidding is dependent on internet connections and can be unreliable.
  5. 5. Images and descriptions do not always tell you what you really need to know.

If you are selling your coin or collection, you should know these facts:

  1. 1. Placement in a catalog can make a difference in results.
  2. 2. Determining when and what to reserve, and when you have that option, is beyond most collectors' ability.
  3. 3. Do you know how to prepare you collection for auction? Do you know when you should receive a full page or when to request one?
  4. 4. Different auction companies have different strengths, with different kinds of collections. Do you know which is which?
  5. 5. Do you understand the difference between a pre-show auction and the show auction? Do you know what an in-house sale is and how it relates to show sales? Do you understand why some auction venues are preferred over others?

For these and many other reasons having an unbiased auction expert handle the selling of your coins or collection, or purchasing specific coin(s) for your collection is well worth a small percentage fee in the long run. Please feel free to send an email to for any questions you may have.